Friday, October 17, 2014

"EverAfter" and "Demons" and "Boredom" and more --

Five of my poems have recently been published, 4 of them in journal online versions - I hope you will take a look and I hope you will enjoy what you find.

"EverAfter" - here is a direct link: Postcard Poems

"Good Friday at Christ the King On Vine" & "Against Metaphor" are at Edgar Allan Poet
This link will get you to an electronic version of the issue - you'll find the titles in the Table of Contents.

"Demons At Midnight" is at Voices de la Luna
Click on October 2014 and you'll get a .pdf of the issue; "Demons" is on page 21

"A Certain Boredom" - Poetry Quarterly, Summer, 2014
This appears in the print-only journal available at Poetry ($15-22). if you'd like a copy of the poem, I'd be happy to send one to to you - just send me an email request,