Friday, June 11, 2010

Performance of 1 DAY LESS

The performance of ONE DAY LESS at a pretty full house in the Broad 2nd Space in Santa Monica CA went very well - especially considering less than 8 hours of rehearsal time at the space itself, having to fly in our baritone lead from an Opera Festival in the midwest the day before the performance, not getting our director until a week before, etc., etc.
But we did it - my congratulations and thanks to our singers Luvi Avendano, Jocelyn Lee, Sabine Esmaili, Claudio Saez; our instrumentalists Evelyn Mann, Jill Flomenhoft, and Michael Intriere; and of course to the other half of "we" - composer David Javelosa.

The performance was also beautifully filmed by director Marc Saltarelli.

Please contact me via email (above) for future performances and further information.